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Fence by the river 2016 Acrylic on canvas 30 x 60 cm
Fence by the river 2016 Acrylic on canvas 30 x 60 cm

The Quadruple Object

..Though the deadening habits of common sense strip this event of its mystery, there is something permanently strange about the manner in which an enduring on the viewer’s angle, distance, and mood. Perhaps children still appreciate this strangeness; in adults, strenuous exercises may be needed to recapture the atmosphere of mystery that ought to surround the merest rotation of a wine bottle or the shifting of light behind a mountain. Husserl also offers us a second tension in which the sensual object differs not from its shifting accidental facades, but from the plurality of qualities that it truly needs to remain what it is from moment to moment. But these are its real qualities, since they cannot be stripped from the sensual object without destroying it, and since they are withdrawn from all sensual access, limited to oblique approaches by the intellect.1

..We will still give these four tensions the suggestive names they deserve: time (SO-SQ) as in Husserl’s adumbrations, space (RO-SQ) as in Heidegger’s tool-analysis, essence (RO-RQ) as in Leibniz’s monads, and eidos (SO-RQ) as in Husserl’s eidetic intuition.2

..Space is the tension between concealed real objects and the sensual qualities associated with them.3




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