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Combining a cutting plotter with a pressurized air dispenser, needle, brush, oil paint and pigment marker, he marks out computerized paths for the works of dots and hatches onto canvas or paper. He has named this technique Patagraphy.

Hiroshi’s work is an expanded interplay between visual, computational, physical and material languages. The subjects vary from childhood toys to landscapes and geometric shapes. He recognises that those motives are all uniquely memorised and privatised through the time/duration. Through the development of a method that connects these languages, including interactive digital platforms and the traditional paint materials, it examines relationships between personal memories and mass products, and how unique and personal views and objects can be distributed via shared virtual spaces, and yet still maintain their unique qualities. He is interested in examining and representing the need to share the personal memory and intimacy in the period of social distancing.

Installation view Quariagraph \ Quariagram Art Collective WA
Installation view Quariagraph\Quariagram 2022 Art Collective WA
Shenton Park 2022 Pigment marker on paper 42×29.7cm
QGQM TEST 021 04 Parrot 4
Parrot 4 2022 Pigment marker on paper 42×29.7cm
QGQM TEST 015 The player mini 2
The player mini 2 2022 Pigment marker on paper 42×29.7cm
QGQM TEST 014 Double spiral mini
Double spiral mini 2022 Pigment marker on paper 42×29.7cm

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