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Ancient power plant 2016 Acrylic on canvas 30.5x30.5cm
Ancient power plant 2016 Acrylic on canvas 30.5×30.5cm

Anything goes

Art history conceived as the history of styles and movements doesn’t account for a radical break of this kind. The break occurred, and it’s invisible, it’s not been recorded by art history books.1

..Non-art is not Duchamp’s invention, nor is it the Dadaists’. It is a byproduct of the French Beaux-Arts system, which slowly emerged to the surface of consciousness like a photographic print in a bath of developer until, with Fountain, Duchamp registered the breakdown of the Beaux-Arts.

..Non-Art was already in existence; it preceded Duchamp. The startling discovery—and I’m the first one to have been startled by the results of my research—is that we’ve lived in the Art-in-General system, not since the 1960s, not since 1917, but since the 1880s. might be very interesting to look at Duchamp’s career after the ’30s as himself acknowledging receipt of his own message.





  1. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN ANYTHING GOES? Duchamp’s Telegram By Thierry de DuveBarry Schwabsky Artforum JANUARY 2024 ↩︎